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Here in Aotearoa New Zealand, we share a special connection to the land and sea. It’s a relationship founded on care, respect, and an understanding that when nature thrives, we all thrive. When combined with our lush, green pastures, fertile soil, and cool, clear waters, the results are incredible – outstanding, great-tasting, and nutritious food, from a place you can trust.

All New Zealand food is sourced in ethical and safe ways to ensure our taiao, our environment, is respected and cared for to continue to provide us and the world with tasty, nutritious food that is of the most premium quality.

Between 15 – 21 October 2020, over 20 New Zealand food and beverage brands were showcased in Bahrain’s Al Jazira supermarket as part of Taste New Zealand Week. An extensive sampling program was rolled out in-store during the week, along with special promotions and consumer competitions. 

Learn more about New Zealand food and beverage, as well as the brands featured at Taste New Zealand Week below.

About Our Products

Raised just as nature intended

Wide-open spaces, a natural environment and year-round outdoor grazing methods make for healthy grass-fed animals. They give our meat a distinct and tender flavour, too.

Almost a quarter of New Zealand’s beef and lamb exports are Halal-certified, and our leading meat exporters work closely with their international partners to create products perfectly suited to local tastes and cuisines.

Our animal welfare standards rank among the world’s best, and strict biosecurity and quality control processes, together with our geographic isolation, result in an animal disease-free status recognised by the World Organisation for Animal Health.


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Pure, natural, and GMO-free – taste the difference

New Zealand’s temperate climate, fertile soil, clean air and abundant water enables us to grow a wide variety of fresh-tasting, quality fruit and vegetables that are high in nutritional value.

Hardwired to innovate and never satisfied with the status quo, New Zealand has introduced several new and delicious fruit varieties to the world. New Zealand growers produce more than 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables, exporting to more than 120 international markets. As the first to commercialise the kiwifruit, we are now the global export leader.

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Keeping you refreshed whatever your preference


From natural juices and soft drinks to crisp sparkling water, New Zealand beverages have firmly secured their reputation around the world as top-quality products. Like all our New Zealand products, our beverage difference starts with naturally pure ingredients.

Ever the innovators, our producers draw upon a combination of science and nature to create a range of functional beverages, including plant-based drinks designed to boost brain function and the immune system.

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Safe, nutritious and always innovating

New Zealand’s milk products come from healthy, grass-fed animals with space to roam. This is why our dairy delivers an unmistakable, full-flavoured and nutritious quality that sets it apart. As the world’s biggest dairy exporter, all products meet our impeccable hygiene and rigorous health and safety standards.

And while we don’t let anything get in the way of simple natural goodness, we continue to pursue innovation and explore new ways of doing things.

New Zealand dairy farmers are deeply committed to making our farms more environmentally and socially sustainable – from actively investigating ways to lower methane emissions from livestock, to experimenting with changes to pasture grasses and supplementary animal feeds.

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Diverse, healing and naturally sweet.

New Zealand is renowned for its delicious, high-quality honey, gathered from our beehives across the land, from mountain highlands to low-lying pastures. Consequently, we produce a diverse and varied range, from pale, mild creamed honeys through to the full-flavoured mānuka and bush honeys. We also produce honeys that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, like kāmahi, kānuka, pōhutukawa, rātā, rewarewa, and tāwari.

Our remarkable mānuka honey, produced by bees that collect nectar from the mānuka flower native to New Zealand, is highly sought after for its acclaimed healing properties and proven anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits.

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Wholesome snacks

Purely delicious, natural and snackable.

Everything that comes out of New Zealand is guaranteed to be of the highest quality standards and made up of the freshest produce, and that is no different when our artisans transform pure, raw ingredients into wholesomely nutritious and delicious snacks for your enjoyment.

Stretching across the vast New Zealand landscape there are delicious treasures scattered throughout, each one skillfully crafted and quality controlled to guarantee you are getting the best that New Zealand has to offer.

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About NZTE

New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) is New Zealand’s international economic development agency. We work with globally ambitious, export-focused New Zealand companies to help them find success on the world stage.

We believe New Zealand is good for the world – and that New Zealand products, services and expertise can help solve problems of all shapes and sizes. Our aim is to connect the right companies with the right international partners to ensure mutual success.

About Al Jazira

Al Jazira has been providing a unique and exclusive selection of products from across the globe to the citizens of Bahrain for more than five decades. Established in 1965 as a foodstuff trading company, Al Jazira began to import goods from countries including the UK, Holland, Denmark and India for sale and distribution across Bahrain.

Today, Al Jazira is a distributor of many of the world’s leading brands and has expanded to include ten supermarket stores across Bahrain, which are located in Adliya, Budaiya, Buquwah, Jasra, Juffair, Hamala, Riffa, Al Hoora, Karannah and Zinj.

From the start, we have maintained our sense of family values in how we strive to cater to our customers on a daily basis.  We are passionate about earning customer loyalty and are commitment to providing each of our customers with exceptional quality products and outstanding customer service.

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