The Greater China region is New Zealand's largest source of trade partners, for both imports and exports. The region is New Zealand’s largest export destination, totalling NZ$15 billion in goods exports in 2018 (14 percent of total New Zealand exports). New Zealand also imported more than NZ$13 billion in goods from the Greater China region in 2018.

The New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement was signed in April 2008 in Beijing. It is the first free trade agreement that the People’s Republic of China has signed with any developed country, and New Zealand’s largest trade deal since the 1983 Closer Economic Relations agreement with Australia.


Negotiations are underway to upgrade this agreement, opening up potential to strengthen this business and trade relationship even further.

We look forward to further growth and partnerships for New Zealand businesses in greater China – because together, we can do amazing things. 

Meet our

Trade Commissioners

Andrew White


Andrew White is New Zealand’s Trade Commissioner based in Beijing, China, where he helps lead NZTE’s work to support New Zealand business growth in the Chinese market. 

Previously, Andrew held the position of Regional Director for Europe where he oversaw NZTE’s offices and stakeholder relationships across the region.

Andrew returned to New Zealand in 2009 after 18 years in China and Japan. During this time he held a number of NZTE roles including Director for China, where he oversaw the operations of NZTE's offices and key relationships across this key market and important trade partner for New Zealand. 

Before joining NZTE, Andrew worked in marketing and accounting roles in the Japanese automotive industry and in New Zealand’s food and beverage sector. 


In addition to English, Andrew is fluent in Japanese. He holds a conjoint Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Auckland, and has carried out further study at Hiroshima University in Japan. 


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