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New Zealanders have a special relationship to the land. We’re kaitiaki, or guardians – caring for people, place and planet, today and for future generations. The goodness our land gives back nourishes millions of people around the world – and our connection to the land inspires our thinking and our agritechnology.


In a world that needs to feed more people than ever, producers worldwide are struggling to keep up, meet new environmental standards, and cope with climate extremes. New Zealand is no exception, and our agritech businesses are responding with ingenuity that meets the challenge. 

New Zealand farmers and growers have a commercially driven, data-led attitude that comes from running profit-based operations in tough environments and business conditions. As a result, our agritech is driven by unique insights into real-world production challenges, from the ground up – and it's proven to perform, add value, and enable long-term growth for food producers around the world.

Agritech expertise in New Zealand covers a huge range of landscapes and production sectors, from pastoral farming and dairy to arable cropping, horticulture and fresh produce, viticulture and aquaculture. Farmers and technologists are closely connected and form part of an innovation ecosystem that also includes researchers, government agencies, investors and global entrepreneurs.

With funding models that inspire collaboration across sectors and industries, New Zealand is a great place for turning breakthrough agritech ideas into reality. The country is also a natural agritech accelerator for the world, thanks to opposing seasons that give Northern Hemisphere R&D partners twice the ramp time each year.

Our agritech delivers better returns, higher productivity, and the confidence to succeed in a new era of global agriculture. Wherever you stand, and wherever you want to take your business, we're here to power your journey into the future of farming.

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